we craft live experiences

we provide production design for events such as film festivals, corporate and cultural events, fashion events, workshops and live concerts.

we bring all the facilities from a to z to ensure your event is as successful as you had planned.


we are your city experts with an intimate knowledge of Barcelona.

our in-house on-the-ground local professionals will help you with customized event planning, video streaming services, content creation, entertainment, transportation, city tours and a variety of other services. we are committed to success.


event design

our team of expert producers will help you co-create and map out your event from guest experience to logistics.


every event allows you to create a new experience for your guests. let's explore your ideas together.

technical production

sound and lighting design, live video and aftermovies productions. whatever you might need, we've got you covered.

guest management

rsvps, invitations, accreditation, and guest reception.


catering and gastronomy

catering services tailored to the event's needs, from customized menus, international cuisine options, to unique culinary experiences.


in Barcelona, or around the world

thanks to our international producers, we facilitate your event production almost everywhere in the world.


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