2019   films   Documentary
Directed by Èric Motjer
Produced by Som*Batabat & sabir studio


Beirut, La Vie en Rose enters for the first time into the lives of four of the most important members of the Christian elite in Lebanon. It presents a unique sweet-sour portrait of power, religion and conflict. In one of the most politically unstable regions in the world, the protagonists are the last representatives of the once called Switzerland of the Middle East. The members of the Christian elite have attempted to hold on to the golden age they enjoyed after independence by means of intense sociability, sumptuous parties and extravaganza. They have overcome their fears for the future and live life to the fullest as if nothing had changed. But, in a country that seems doomed to cyclical episodes of conflict, instability and change, there is something they cannot ignore anymore: the inevitable end of an era… their era.


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